About Me

Dan Ballerini is a Cum Laude graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He has the passion and knowledge for investing in New Jersey real estate. He seized the opportunity to purchase distressed real estate-owned properties, also known as REO properties, after the Mortgage Crisis in 2008. From there, he would rent them to residential tenants through his company, First Station Real Estate.

From 2012-2017 Dan has accumulated 88 rental units that are valued at over $9.5 million. He takes pride in renovating rundown properties to produce affordable homes for hard-working families, many of whom are renting a single-family home of their own for the first time.

Dan Bellerini enjoys the real estate industry because it not only allows him to be self-employed, but it also fosters an environment of hard work and strategy. His developed business plan has given him the confidence to create long-term wealth within the industry.

Dan is proud of the work he has accomplished. Neighbors have expressed their appreciation after he renovates vacant houses on their street and his tenants are thankful to live in such nice homes. Mr. Ballerini plans on growing his real estate business in the coming years. His short-term goal is 100 rental units and $10 million in property asset value by year end of 2018, and he is on track to do so. He believes discipline, foresight, desire, and hard-work will help him reach his goal while providing affordable housing to his community.